1.  I wrote my first novel aged fifteen.  I then burned it.  I do not regret doing that.

2.  I suffer from numerical dyslexia.  How I passed my maths

     O Level is a mystery.


3.  I like crows.

4.  I do not like seagulls.

5.  My favourite foreign country is Greece, despite police



6.  When I worked as a journalist, I interviewed David Essex who

     gave me a signed album.


7.  I gave that album to a girl I knew hoping that she’d sleep with



8.  She didn’t, but kept the album.




10.  My favourite author is Joanne Harris.


11.  My possibly most favourite books are David Nicholl’s One Day

       and Maggie O’Farrell’s After You’d Gone.  I have lots of other

       favourite authors and books.


13.  I used to dream about playing rugby for Scotland.  That dream

       ended at about the same time as I wrote my first novel

       (see above).


14.  The first car I bought was a Citroen 2CV.  I aspire to buying

       one again.

15.  I have no more interesting facts.

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